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The 'Art Of Purpose' is instilled in all of our designs, meaning there is no boundaries in how you place or use our pieces within your home. This allows for you to be open and creative as you take your time in designing a life you love. 

The Paloma Bowl a vision of refined minimalistic elegance and sophistication boasting a polished stone-like vessel. Versatile in many ways, the monochromatic vessel can sit on your kitchen counter top to be filled with various fruits or vegetables that don't require refrigeration. The vessel can also purpose as a centrepiece in any part of your home, from your sideboard, coffee or dining table to house any personal items of your choice. 

The Arcadia Dish has been designed to enhance and elevate your daily routine. Man-made and honed in a stone-like finish, its silhouette boasts an understated minimal design that can be a practical essential to safe-keep your sage, santo palo sticks or incense cones within your bedroom or living room. It's also a perfect vessel to house items such as skincare facial tools or jewellery. Note: we would recommend to lean the burning part of your sage or santo palo sticks off the base of your piece and to not use it how it's pictured above. 
The Esther Dish will become an essential within your home and has been designed to elevate your daily routine. Similar to The Arcadia Dish it can be a practical essential to safe-keep your sage, santo palo sticks or incense cones. It's silhouette is perfect for housing your beauty essentials and products, such as cleansers, toners to hand washes and lotions within your bedroom or bathroom.
The Bower Vessel boasts a sculptural triple curved edge form. Man-made and honed in a stone-like finish, its vessel is formed with a drainage hole to house miniature succulents or is versatile enough to hold makeup brushes or stationary for your work space. Alternatively, the vessel can sit alone as a decor piece within your living room, bedroom or bathroom.